Seed storage – the vault

I love seeds!  The ritual I spoke about in an earlier post of studying the new catalog every season, making a trip to the Diggers shop and purchasing a few, OK lots, of little paper envelopes, you all know the ones I mean……

Once the precious cargo is home, how do you store your seeds?  I started with a couple of glass jars in the early days then an old ice cream container and most recently 2 cardboard boxes, I have divided vegetables and  flower seeds now that I have so many.

From what I have read some seed will keep for a maximum of 10 years in optimum conditions. I certainly don’t have these conditions and should compost old seed earlier but I find it super hard.  I have started sowing old seed and if none germinate I compost them packet and all. With all of that I still have lots of seeds.

I have been asking Mr. Gardeninghands to make me a wooden seed box for  a little while now and with my most recent purchases asked again and he whipped one up over the weekend.  It is fantastic!  Its light, I have been carrying it over to the green house, I can bring it inside when the temperatures are extreme and there is room for more seeds just in case…..

Would love to know how you are storing your seed?