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Today, Remembrance Day is a memorial day, to honour and remember the members of the armed forces who died in the line of duty in WW1.

The Flanders poppy has become an international symbol of remembrance, from it’s association of flowering in the spring of 1915 on the battlefields of Belgium, France and Gallipoli, it has become synonymous with the great loss of life in war

This year at the garden festival in Melbourne there was a fantastic display of crochet poppies which was part of the 5000 poppies project, part of the activities to commemorate the Anzac centenary in 2015. 5000 was their target, the final count was in excess of 250,000 in Melbourne and many other communities around Australia hosting their own displays.

Lest we forget


jelly beans

californian jelly beans

I am determined to have more poppies in my garden over the coming months and have started sowing their tiny seeds.  It does say to sow them direct, I can see why,  the Iceland seedlings are so small I’m not sure how I will get them out of the punnets.  That will be another post!

These seeds are available from Diggers.