Pick of the week

A fun idea started by fellow gardener muddy boots and fingernails on her blog this season, I have joined in a couple of times but haven’t felt like I have had ‘the best picks’ lately.  I think I have been taking my produce for granted!

Seasonal growing is about harvesting and eating what is in season and eating the same vegetables for most of that season.  Purple sprouting broccoli a couple of times a week, silver-beet and spinach most nights, delicious sweet green home grown peas a couple of times, coriander on call as it doesn’t go to seed in winter, ruby red sticks of rhubarb and lots of home grown lettuce. I momentarily forgot the magic of eating seasonally and that every pick from my garden is pick of the week!

Thanks for the reminder, and here is a basket of picks of the week.

photos 536


A gardener’s find

photos 290b

I was in Mr Gardening hands workshop and noticed a little tin box sitting on his bench, I’m sure I have seen it many times but today I noticed the words that had been scratched into it:

Peas 1958

Mr GH said he got it at a swap meet and it had dyes in it, he wasn’t using it for anything so I said “It’s mine now, time for it to be back with a gardener.”

I researched the tin and found out that Craven “A” is a brand of cigarette manufactured in Canada, Jamaica,Vietnam and North Korea and  were a favorite cigarette during World War II.

I have been wondering who it belonged to, were they in the war, what was their vegetable garden like, where did they live, was it in Australia?

I can only imagine….. It is lovely to be the guardian of this tin for now, someone else will have the pleasure a little later.

Are you the guardian of anything like this? Would love to know.

Autumn…. a welcome relief in the vegetable garden

carrot in seed

Carrot and lettuce in seed for saving.

Autumn is my favourite time in the garden, I can stay outside all day on the weekends digging,weeding, planning and planting, still with a hat on but I don’t have to worry about getting sun-burnt even with sunscreen on!

What I am harvesting from the garden in March:

  • still getting a few roma tomatoes
  • cucumbers, my favourite is the mini muncher
  • bush beans
  • capsicums
  • eggplant – it has just started producing
  • rhubarb
  • beetroot
  • herbs – basil sweet & thai, oregano,thyme,rosemary,mint
  • chillies

Seeds I have planted:

  • Broccoli –  red spouting, De Cicco
  • Mini cabbage
  • Lettuce – freckles & heirloom mix & cos
  • Peas – purple podded dutch pea
  • spinach – bloomsdale
  • carrots
  • Pak choy
  • Poppies
  • Primula
  • beans – sun baby, sex without strings – description from an old seed catalogue reads

“sensuous and tender, the golden curves of this dwarf butter bean are available to all –  with no strings attached.”

To do this month:

  • Remove some Kikuyu from 2 beds for autumn planting
  • Add compost to the beds
  • Add some lime to the beds for the brassicas
  • Do a summer/autumn prune of the fruit trees
carrot in seed

Beds for de-grassing

Perfect time for carrots!

Carrots sown now make good growth and slow down in winter so they can be harvested a few at a time.  Two things to remember about carrots:

  • They love light sandy soils
  • Spread Complete ‘D’ in shallow holes 5cm away from where you have planted them about four weeks after seedlings appear, not at sowing time as high nutrients at germination causes the roots to fork.

Thanks to Malcolm Campbell from 891 talk back gardening Sunday morning for that tip!

I hope that you have had an amazing Summer in the garden and are ready to welcome Autumn. How is your garden going this month?