Garden share collective – July

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I am very happy to be linking up with a group of fellow gardeners from around the world who share what has been happening in their gardens in the last month.  This initiative was started by Lizzie from strayed from the table, to share and encourage  us to grow more of the food we eat.

It has been a dry start to winter here in Adelaide, I make the mistake of not watering enough thinking it will rain soon, or, the soil is OK from the last rain forgetting when that was.  Even with the little rain we have had the weeds have been pulling up pretty easily!!  I was chatting with my friend over the fence yesterday laughing about how much weeding we do!


I staggered my broccoli planting this year and have already harvested 2 big heads and have been harvesting off the side shoots waiting for the next lot to be ready.  We are not big cauliflower eaters but I couldn’t resist a purple cauli so have 1 in and it’s already heading.

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This bed of leafy greens has been supplying all of our salad greens, the red lollo lettuce self seeded in this bed and it has worked out perfectly.

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Looking forward to some fennel and peas, just noticed the first of the red podded peas, looking forward to them.

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The kitchen garden is supplying us with all of our herbs:parsley, coriander, oregano, thyme, still getting some chillies, spinach and beetroot leaves.

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I have cleared and got the strawberry bed ready for the runners in the next week or so, some more beetroot and maybe an advanced broccoli seedling.

Jobs to do

I have got a new garden gadget, a soil blocker so will be making some blocks for seedlings, stay tuned for that post.  I have a bed of perennials to prune as well and will need to spray the orchard before bud burst for curly leaf and fungal disease.

orchard pruned

orchard pruned

Thanks for having a look around, hope you have been able to get out into your garden.

Weekend in the orchard

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I love saying I have a backyard orchard, I grew up with fruit trees in the backyard and always wanted some myself.  When we moved to this house it was one of first things I organized. I have 2 nectarines Maygrand & Goldmine, 2 peaches Daisy & Fairtime,1 apricot Moorpark & 1 lemon with dreams of more.  Before I started this post I thought “how many trees do you need to have to call it an orchard?”  Checked the trusty Oxford which says:

Orchard – piece of enclosed land with fruit-trees

Fruit-trees plural, well I’m covered!  The area space of my orchard is 15m x 2m for those 6 trees.  On the ground is grass/weeds, I have a mixture of buffalo, Kikuyu and assorted weeds depending on the season.  I have been looking for alternatives for ground covers, getting rid of the grass and sheeting with cardboard then mulching was the best idea I found but the feedback was the weeds still grow through.  I have decided to keep the grass and will keep it well mowed and I have mulched under 1 nectarine as it’s hard to mow under there.

I have been happy with the shape of my trees, vase like, I don’t think I have pruned hard enough in the past and this year my fruiting wood stock was going to be out of my reach.  This was the weekend to do the big prune and sacrifice lots of fruit for hopefully more available fruit I can reach.

It took 2 days to tidy up the orchard, I did the prune and have a HUGE amount of wood to mulch/chip. I did a spray with Eco-oil as I could see scale on some branches and will do 2 sprays of Kocide – a copper spray,1 before bud burst and another  just after to help protect from fungal diseases including black spot, leaf curl, blight and bacterial rot.

My weekend was a success, I got everything finished outside that I wanted to and will leave inside chores to later!  Hope you got a few things done outside this weekend as well.