Pruning, chipping, composting

3 of the BIG jobs in the garden, pruning, chipping, composting and I am trying to do them as a batch, mentally make it a few smaller jobs, divide it into areas to make it seem less of a BIG job.

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I have started with my kitchen garden and pruned a couple of  other perennials to collect this batch of green waste to go through my mulcher. This is the first mulcher I have owned, it’s 2nd hand from gumtree, an Ozito electric  mulcher.  It’s not really very good, as you can see  in the photo it churns and crushes the branches rather than chip the material.  My father-in-law teases me about his massive mulcher that he has to move around with his quad bike! While I dream about my dream mulcher the Greenfield Piece-maker, don’t all gardeners dream about a tool/machine that will make life so much easier?

I was on a roll, pruned, mulched and composted all in the same morning.  I have been making compost for many years and after lots of reading have come up with the below recipe:

Compost Recipe

Base ingredients:  I bucket of vegie scraps or 1 bucket  of green material add to this:

1 item from the  below Nitrogen column

  • 1 bucket manure
  • 2 cups of of pelleted manure
  • 1 cup of blood and bone
  • 1 bucket of lucerne

And any 2 items from the below Carbon column

  • 1 bucket of straw
  • 1 bucket of paper
  • 1 bucket of leaves
  • 1 bucket of sawdust
  • 1 bucket sugarcane  mulch

Add the carbon and nitrogen in layers with your green wasted, keep it moist and turn it to keep it oxygenated.  I have a closed compost system an Aerobin which I have been very happy with, together we have produced tons of good compost.

Do you mulch and compost your garden waste?

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