Pick of the week

A fun idea started by fellow gardener muddy boots and fingernails on her blog this season, I have joined in a couple of times but haven’t felt like I have had ‘the best picks’ lately.  I think I have been taking my produce for granted!

Seasonal growing is about harvesting and eating what is in season and eating the same vegetables for most of that season.  Purple sprouting broccoli a couple of times a week, silver-beet and spinach most nights, delicious sweet green home grown peas a couple of times, coriander on call as it doesn’t go to seed in winter, ruby red sticks of rhubarb and lots of home grown lettuce. I momentarily forgot the magic of eating seasonally and that every pick from my garden is pick of the week!

Thanks for the reminder, and here is a basket of picks of the week.

photos 536

Mondays vase – a stir-fry in a vase

photos 481

Keeping with the theme of my last vase, I went out into the garden had a look around and decided it was another edible vase.

photos 477

I  gathered some green and purple sprouting broccoli, kale and beetroot leaves and finished it off with a branch of chillies from the kitchen garden.  That’s when I thought “It’s a stir-fry vase”.

We will be enjoying the contents of this vase for dinner tomorrow night!  I am linking up with Cathy and other gardeners who share their vases on Monday & Tuesday, thanks for having a look.

Garden share collective – July

photos 445

I am very happy to be linking up with a group of fellow gardeners from around the world who share what has been happening in their gardens in the last month.  This initiative was started by Lizzie from strayed from the table, to share and encourage  us to grow more of the food we eat.

It has been a dry start to winter here in Adelaide, I make the mistake of not watering enough thinking it will rain soon, or, the soil is OK from the last rain forgetting when that was.  Even with the little rain we have had the weeds have been pulling up pretty easily!!  I was chatting with my friend over the fence yesterday laughing about how much weeding we do!


I staggered my broccoli planting this year and have already harvested 2 big heads and have been harvesting off the side shoots waiting for the next lot to be ready.  We are not big cauliflower eaters but I couldn’t resist a purple cauli so have 1 in and it’s already heading.

photos 419

This bed of leafy greens has been supplying all of our salad greens, the red lollo lettuce self seeded in this bed and it has worked out perfectly.

photos 444

Looking forward to some fennel and peas, just noticed the first of the red podded peas, looking forward to them.

photos 442

The kitchen garden is supplying us with all of our herbs:parsley, coriander, oregano, thyme, still getting some chillies, spinach and beetroot leaves.

photos 428

photos 448


I have cleared and got the strawberry bed ready for the runners in the next week or so, some more beetroot and maybe an advanced broccoli seedling.

Jobs to do

I have got a new garden gadget, a soil blocker so will be making some blocks for seedlings, stay tuned for that post.  I have a bed of perennials to prune as well and will need to spray the orchard before bud burst for curly leaf and fungal disease.

orchard pruned

orchard pruned

Thanks for having a look around, hope you have been able to get out into your garden.

Pick of the week

I wait all year for home grown broccoli, I have seen it in the supermarkets for the past month, I always pass it by because I know nothing beats the taste of my home grown broccoli.

photos 310

If you’re in the south of Australia it’s not too late to plant some yourself, grab a couple of those advanced seedlings in the single pots and get them into the ground and you can have your first heads in a couple of months.  When you eat yours you will nod your head and think to yourself “I know what she means now”

What has been your pick of the week?  Share it in the comments below with me and also with my fellow garden blogger muddy boots and fingernails who came up with this great idea to share our picks with each other.

Look forward to seeing yours!

An Autumn catch up

My last post was about a gardening short holiday at the end of March and you may of been thinking “Is she ever going to return?”  My apologies for my delay in getting back to you.

photos 273

I have to catch you up on the last 2 months of autumn as it has been a busy time in my garden.

I had some summer beds to clean out and weed of Kikuyu (sigh), compost and manure to spread for my winter veg, seedlings to transplant and netting to buy to stop the cabbage moth.  

Harvesting at the moment

  • Lots of greens, spinach, silver-beet, kale.
  • I have a bed which has self seeded with red lollo lettuce as well as the few I planted myself, lol…
  • Eggplants, like a few fellow South Australian bloggers we are getting a late harvest.
  • The very last capsicums and fresh chillies, I have stacks in the freezer.
  • Rhubarb
  • Broccoli, harvesting the first heads now, it’s so exciting!!
  • Beetroot
  • Lots of herbs and finally a good supply of coriander
  • Oranges from my friend and neighbor’s tree


  • I am getting my strawberry bed ready for runners a little later in the month.
  • I would like to plant some more peas and some garlic, I haven’t planted any for a couple of years due to it not storing well, but have been inspired by catching up my blog reading and seeing how many others are planting,  I might give it a try again. Krystie’s photo’s of her shooting garlic over at A fresh legacy has done it for me.
  • I haven’t grown any onions before and thinking of planting some red ones.
  • Lastly some bergamot seeds for flowers later in the year.

Jobs to do

  • I know the cooler weather is set in when I see those dreaded sour sob leaves, I have a whole bed to pull up so that is one of my usual autumn/winter  jobs.
  • I have been making a lot of compost and want to keep it activated so will be diligent in aerating it this month.
sour sobs

sour sobs

Hope your gardens are growing well and you are getting lots of pleasure being out in them.

Autumn…. a welcome relief in the vegetable garden

carrot in seed

Carrot and lettuce in seed for saving.

Autumn is my favourite time in the garden, I can stay outside all day on the weekends digging,weeding, planning and planting, still with a hat on but I don’t have to worry about getting sun-burnt even with sunscreen on!

What I am harvesting from the garden in March:

  • still getting a few roma tomatoes
  • cucumbers, my favourite is the mini muncher
  • bush beans
  • capsicums
  • eggplant – it has just started producing
  • rhubarb
  • beetroot
  • herbs – basil sweet & thai, oregano,thyme,rosemary,mint
  • chillies

Seeds I have planted:

  • Broccoli –  red spouting, De Cicco
  • Mini cabbage
  • Lettuce – freckles & heirloom mix & cos
  • Peas – purple podded dutch pea
  • spinach – bloomsdale
  • carrots
  • Pak choy
  • Poppies
  • Primula
  • beans – sun baby, sex without strings – description from an old seed catalogue reads

“sensuous and tender, the golden curves of this dwarf butter bean are available to all –  with no strings attached.”

To do this month:

  • Remove some Kikuyu from 2 beds for autumn planting
  • Add compost to the beds
  • Add some lime to the beds for the brassicas
  • Do a summer/autumn prune of the fruit trees
carrot in seed

Beds for de-grassing

Perfect time for carrots!

Carrots sown now make good growth and slow down in winter so they can be harvested a few at a time.  Two things to remember about carrots:

  • They love light sandy soils
  • Spread Complete ‘D’ in shallow holes 5cm away from where you have planted them about four weeks after seedlings appear, not at sowing time as high nutrients at germination causes the roots to fork.

Thanks to Malcolm Campbell from 891 talk back gardening Sunday morning for that tip!

I hope that you have had an amazing Summer in the garden and are ready to welcome Autumn. How is your garden going this month?