A special “seed” delivery

In the chilly southern hemisphere we are starting to think about our summer gardens, all the produce I have been reading about and seeing on other gardeners blogs in the north we are anticipating here in the south.

photos 539

With this anticipation I have been “browsing” the web for seed suppliers in Australia and found a new one!  www.australianseed.com  I found they have a comprehensive range of fruit, vegetables,flowers and natives.  I was able to order 2 beautiful looking chillies that I haven’t seen before a Mexican chilli Passilla Bajio they describe this as having a smokey flavour and  Chilli cayenne long purple.  Also 2 capsicums I haven’t grown before Jimmy Nardello and Bull’s horn.

They send the seed in small plastic envelopes with comprehensive germination information, they list the depth for sowing and the days to germination, which I love. They also list any additional germination requirements for example, I purchased some Brachyscome seeds and I need to sow them on the surface cover lightly and they require light and heat to germinate, I would not have known that and would of most likely been unsuccessful unless I fluked it!  I have found Diggers no longer list the days to germination they list the % of probable germination. I’m not really that interested in how many will germinate I want to know how long so I can try and group the same time together and not have to guess if they are viable or not if they haven’t come up.

I received my special delivery today and look forward to getting them into some seed blocks in the next few days.

Are you planning on growing any new varieties this summer?

3 thoughts on “A special “seed” delivery

  1. I’m surprised they didn’t include soil temp on the pepper seeds as well. I’ve yet to meet a pepper seed who was happy to germinate in unheated soil. I haven’t gotten around to a soil mat, so I just put a heating pad (like for a sore back) under a towel on low.
    Good luck with the new varieties! They look fun.

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  2. Wow Jill. You have some impressive Chilli and Pepper plants there. As for seed sowing I agree that it’s very helpful if the seed supplier tells you what conditions are necessary for each plant. I’ve discovered (by trial and error mainly!) that most tiny seeds need light to germinate and the bigger seeds prefer warm dark conditions. I always hedge my bets by planting just a few seeds to start with. If they don’t germinate then you have the rest of the packet to try again.


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