Garden share collective – August

TheGardenShareCollective300pix1I am very happy to be linking up with a group of fellow gardeners from around the world who share what has been happening in their gardens in the last month.  This initiative was started by Lizzie from strayed from the table, to share and encourage  us to grow more of the food we eat.

July has been cold and wet here in Adelaide, we are in the middle of winter and I enjoy the seasons in the garden.  I have given my  small greenhouse a  renovation, a good clean out, put another shelf in, and got a new vent opener which is automatic and temperature controlled so I can use my greenhouse a lot more.


I have been harvesting peas which have shot up in the last month, green and purple broccoli, I thought I had a purple cauliflower which I purchased at a gardener’s market turns out it is broccoli.  Lots of silver beet, beetroot, lemons, red and green lettuce and some chillies.


Last month I cleared out my strawberry bed and picked up my bare rooted runners from Diggers and planted them a couple of weeks ago. I chose a new variety – Kamu  Diggers describe them as:

Kamu takes its name from the Aboriginal word for ‘blood red’ which describes the colour of this fragrant strawberry.  An Australian bred variety that produces lots of large sweet berries in summer and autumn

photos 521

I have also been making lots of seedling blocks with my new blocker and have 70 seeds underway in the green house.

Jobs to do

I need to feed the lemon tree, still have some perennials to prune, spray the orchard again with kocide, make more soil blocks for seedlings and want to build a couple more garden beds, I should say supervise a couple of new beds being built by Mr Gardeninghands… lol

Thanks for having a look around, hope you have been able to get out into your garden.


5 thoughts on “Garden share collective – August

  1. you have lovely colour in your vegie garden – the purple broccoli and the bluesy pansies.
    mum and dad grew ‘big kamu” strawberries (I think – the ‘kamu’ rings a bell) and there were great, so I hope yours are successful!

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