In a vase….

Last weeks stir fry in a vase only lasted 1 day we had it for dinner last Wednesday, it was a bit of fun and what I had in the garden.

photos 506

This meme has me looking at my garden in a different way, I’m looking to cut greenery and bring it inside.  I love having flowers inside and in the past would buy them and not cut what’s in the garden, I have read on other gardeners blogs that I am not alone in this ‘phenomenon’.

In the middle of winter, what is flowering very well are the  Osteopernum’s, I have never thought to use them as a cut flower until today!  In my vase today are:

  • Osteopernum 3D
  • Gaura dark pink
  • Dianthus sweet william

I have used a small round vase and with the left overs used a very small milk bottle like what we used to get in primary school when they delivered milk (that was along time ago…)

photos 509

Thanks to Cathy for developing this thought provoking and enjoyable group where we all post what we have found for our vases.


11 thoughts on “In a vase….

  1. They’re lovely vases 🙂 great colour combinations – I’ve got sweet william growing happily in my garden but my Osteopernum are a bit sulky – think it’s been too wet this July 😦 but they’re only tender plants here in N England – but I love daisy style flowers so always find space for them in the garden.
    It’s making me smile that they’re all growing happily in your winter – so different from our winters in Manchester in the UK. have a lovely week.
    love Bec xx

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  2. So pretty! I love your combination of vases and the beautiful flowers. We grow the Guara here (though I don’t have any) and the Dianthus- but I’ve not seen the Osteopernum 3D. They make a lovely combination 😉 Where do you garden? Thank you for visiting FG today, and for leaving a ‘like’ so I could find you 🙂 Best wishes, WG

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  3. That is an amazing variety of flowers for a winter vase!! More like late summer in England. I like the contrast of the two vases and the way you have used the height of the gaura – very effective.

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