Mondays vase – a stir-fry in a vase

photos 481

Keeping with the theme of my last vase, I went out into the garden had a look around and decided it was another edible vase.

photos 477

I  gathered some green and purple sprouting broccoli, kale and beetroot leaves and finished it off with a branch of chillies from the kitchen garden.  That’s when I thought “It’s a stir-fry vase”.

We will be enjoying the contents of this vase for dinner tomorrow night!  I am linking up with Cathy and other gardeners who share their vases on Monday & Tuesday, thanks for having a look.


19 thoughts on “Mondays vase – a stir-fry in a vase

  1. Great way of displaying the evening meal and keeping the veggie fresh. You’ve given me a great idea for a competition slot for our gardening club. Will have to put it to the vote. Your idea and vase gets top marks from this judge.

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  3. So beautiful! And Broccoli florets are named that for a reason! I think they are so pretty when left in the garden to flower and bring in the pollinators. Yours is a lovely interpretation of a vase. I often use herbs as foliage and flowers; especially Basil. And I’ve sometimes cut a stem of chili. But yours goes all the way with everything edible 😉 I love this!

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