A gardener’s find

photos 290b

I was in Mr Gardening hands workshop and noticed a little tin box sitting on his bench, I’m sure I have seen it many times but today I noticed the words that had been scratched into it:

Peas 1958

Mr GH said he got it at a swap meet and it had dyes in it, he wasn’t using it for anything so I said “It’s mine now, time for it to be back with a gardener.”

I researched the tin and found out that Craven “A” is a brand of cigarette manufactured in Canada, Jamaica,Vietnam and North Korea and  were a favorite cigarette during World War II.

I have been wondering who it belonged to, were they in the war, what was their vegetable garden like, where did they live, was it in Australia?

I can only imagine….. It is lovely to be the guardian of this tin for now, someone else will have the pleasure a little later.

Are you the guardian of anything like this? Would love to know.


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