In a vase on a Monday

Pick some flowers from your garden and share them on your blog.  Sounds easy enough! When I saw this meme last week on muddy boots and fingernails blog I was really looking forward to joining in.  I love having flowers inside and all week have been looking at what I could have.

photos 312

It’s winter here, the first jonquils are just opening up in some parts of the garden, most of the perennials have finished their displays so I had to rely on the winter flowering annuals.  I was excited to start off with pansies, that was until I tried to get them looking good in a vase, their little heads have that tendency to bow down.  I have a trio a mini vases that I am happy with.

photos 311

deconstructed vase

In a vase on a Monday is run by blogger rambling in the garden, would love to see what you have in your garden to bring inside.


9 thoughts on “In a vase on a Monday

  1. Thanks for sharing your pansies and the lovely green bottles. In the first photo they looked to be wider at the base, but not so on the second…are they, or are they not?! Welcome to the meme – and do come again. It doesn’t have to be blooms, by the way, it could be foliage, seedheads, twigs, veg – please do think out of the box. Those of us who have been posting all along now look at our gardens in a completely different way!

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