Pick of the week

I wait all year for home grown broccoli, I have seen it in the supermarkets for the past month, I always pass it by because I know nothing beats the taste of my home grown broccoli.

photos 310

If you’re in the south of Australia it’s not too late to plant some yourself, grab a couple of those advanced seedlings in the single pots and get them into the ground and you can have your first heads in a couple of months.  When you eat yours you will nod your head and think to yourself “I know what she means now”

What has been your pick of the week?  Share it in the comments below with me and also with my fellow garden blogger muddy boots and fingernails who came up with this great idea to share our picks with each other.

Look forward to seeing yours!


6 thoughts on “Pick of the week

  1. I’m in South Jersey, USA, and my broccoli did nothing this year – So disappointed! I’ve had success before and it is amazing right out of my garden. Yours looks lovely. My picks this week are spinach (probably the last of it) swiss chard, arugala, black seeded lettuce, HERBS, cabbage, and strwaberries. Blueberries & raspberries are just starting. Fun times – but I still can’t wait ’till the tomatoes come in!

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