Looking back at February in the garden

February, Phew glad it’s over! It’s a hard month on the garden.  My garden was in  fairly decent form early in the month and went downhill from there.  While the shade cloth frames protected the plants from the scorching heat these domes became aphid breading grounds.  It didn’t take long either, 3 days of being covered and the jalapeno leaves were covered.  A strong jet of water blasted them off and I was pleasantly surprised how well they came back and are still producing.

I didn’t do a lot of gardening this month there were no new plantings, a little weeding, lots of covering/shading and plenty of harvesting and preserving.


8 thoughts on “Looking back at February in the garden

  1. you did well. The heat was bad but they say more heat for march. Looking forward to see what you grow next .. I had a good crop of tomatoes but the heat cooked some of the from the inside. They were sweet and meaty nothing like the shop ones.. As usual I didnt get one almond but at least I feed nature.xxx

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  2. Hi! all,

    I have a Pineapple growing in a pot
    bought a whole pineapple couple of years ago cut of the head l[eaves]
    and planted.
    The bigger the pot the bigger the plant and leaves grow
    I love growing from cuttings or any thing I can find, especially when out walking
    just scored some white grape cuttings which I will put in sand and hopefully 2016 I shall have fresh grapes, BUT they will have seeds but what can I say



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