Chillies, chillies and more chillies

Chilli harvest, the lone chille is firecracker.

Chilli harvest, the lone chilli is the fire cracker.

The weather forecast for Saturday is 39 degrees, a real stinker….. as we refer to them in South Australia.  I am always busy the night before a hot day, watering, getting the shade cloth ready to go over my garden beds, and I like to do a big harvest of what ever is ready to remove some stress from the plants

Kitchen garden

Kitchen garden

My tomatoes and capsicums aren’t ready have been waiting for some heat, but I had lots of chillies and 1 eggplant.  I have a kitchen garden close to the house just outside the back doors where I grow food that I pick daily, herbs, chillies, lettuces, spinach and flowers, In there are:

  • 1 thai chiili birdseye 7/10
  • 2 red chillies which are 5/10 for heat
  • 1 firecracker chilli 8/10 heat

photos_092-3(rev 0)

Down the back in my main vege garden I have planted 7 jalapenos plants, our favourites!  I pickle them and we eat them throughout the year, I am in for a bumper harvest this year as you can see from this photo, this is my second big harvest for the season.  The red chillies I freeze and use them throughout the year as well, I will have enough to last me the year which is great.

Jalapenos in garden bed.

Jalapenos in garden bed.

The last chilli is my dog!  Yes her name really is Chilli  she is is a 9 year old mini dachshund and my gardening companion.  A lazy gardener, any opportunity and she will find the comfiest spot and have a rest.




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