When is a caterpillar too big to squash?

Everyone will have a different answer to this, I asked some friends and this is what they said:

“Never, I always kill them I squash them with my shoe”

Another friend said:

“I pick them off and give them to the chickens”

I have had a few days of not paying a lot of attention to the garden, I went down today and saw some tell tale signs of caterpillar destruction on my tomato’s.

photos 120

The first signs were the bright green poo and boy they were big, holes in the leaves and then i saw this guy poking his head out.

photos 124

This caterpillar is too big for me to squash!  I don’t want to put him under my shoe and step on him and I don’t have chickens so I left him out for the birds and he was gone in a few hours.

photos 135

Now all I need is some decent summer weather here in South Australia and WE can eat the tomato’s

If you are interested in other ways to combat the tomato caterpillar or budworm (Helicoverpa spp) may I suggest the Organic Gardener site.


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