Hello friends,

I’m Jill and gardening hands is my blog about my successes and failures in the garden.

I am a passionate gardener and decided I wanted to provide more of the food my family eats. I’m based in the western suburbs of Adelaide, Australia. My backyard started off as a barren landscape with only weeds and I have transformed it into an urban edible space where I have planted fruit frees, established large vegetable patches, built a greenhouse produce compost and have a worm farm.

This blog is for people who are thinking about growing their own food, or are already on their journey to create an edible garden. By sharing my experiences I hope to be able to inspire you to grow more of your own food.

For me there is nothing better than going down to the garden with my harvest basket and collecting produce for a meal that I have grown myself!

I hope you enjoy my blog and I look forward to sharing all the dirt with you.




10 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. looking good from the beginning
    what did you put down to improve your soil
    do you run any compost heaps?
    I have lots of trees hence my soil is usually
    leached out by the trees
    But my compost heaps grow the most amazing
    fruit and veg



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